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๐Ÿ’˜ GETTING BACK TOGETHER AFTER BREAKING UP ๐Ÿ’˜ How to FIX it? ๐Ÿ’˜ Relationship Coaching

Just in 5 spiritual life coaching session we can together fix your relationship issues โ€“ to understand what is not working and how to fix it! Tarot & Numerology is great tool for getting fast results!

You may wonder: how to use numerology to tell if a relationship will last?

Where psychologist take 6 month to get the answers, quantum relationship numerology delivers answers in 1 session.

I use relationship coaching tarot cards which answers the questions about feelings, thoughts and actions. Tarot and Numerology Relationship coaching tools are very effective.

The most frequent questions that I get from my clients related to Love:

  • What has been the reason for breakup?

  • Why we are not getting along?

  • Does my partner love me? What are his or her feelings?

  • How to regain trust after breakup?

  • How to regain trust after lying to your girlfriend or lying to your boyfriend?

  • What is going to be the result of our relationship?

  • How to reconcile after the conflict?

  • How to make our relationship work? What are the steps each partner has to do in order to improve mutual relationships?

  • How to regain trust after lying? How to rebuild trust in a relationship? How to regain trust in a relationship after lying?

  • What is soulmates in relationships?

Example of relationship coaching:

  • How to get back your partner when he or she has left you.

  • How to make relationship more happy and stronger by understanding and changing very small behavioral patterns.

  • What I should do in order to find love of my life โ€“ where to search, who is my ideal partner, when it is going to happen?

  • Should I stay or leave my existing relationship / marriage? What are the reasons and steps to do it?

I have existing clients that I have supported through divorce process, fixing a toxic relationship, fixing a toxic marriage, getting back ex-partner who has left for another relationship, guiding single ladies of finding the right love partners. With the help of numerology compatibility charts I am able to access keys to a healthy relationship. Numerology couple compatibility reading is perfect to understand what you both are meant to feel and live together. Numerology predicts if a relationship will last and how loving or hectic it will be. In relationship coaching session I am looking into numerology compatibility numbers for marriage which allow me to tell the future outcome.


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