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Karmic – Arrow Sisters: Interview with

If you’re consistently feeling bogged down, anxious, angry, depressed or out of sorts then you may be experiencing Karmic Knots…

On a sunny day in our little office illuminated by crystals and glass we surveyed the many (many) services that claim to guide people through feelings of withdrawal, anger, frustration and heartbreak. Suffice to say, it was a long day. But we did eventually manage to find someone whose services hold a certain pull; an incomparable energetic source who radiates authenticity.

Today on the Avastavé Universe we’re sitting down with Aya; the spiritual mentor and self-development coach behind Arrow Sisters that guides her clients to success and evolution on the physical and spiritual planes through the art of Tarot & Numerology. It is our hope that you too can most past unseen hurdles and your karmic knots through her guidance.

Hello Aya! Welcome to Avastavé and thank you for being with us today. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

In a few words, I serve humankind by giving hope and direction in life.

For eighteen years I have been on a personal journey of spiritual discovery becoming the best version of myself through challenging beliefs and dogmas enforced by society, education, religion, traditions, etc. Thereby finding the answers to be happy, content and wise. This has given me a deeper understanding, wisdom and techniques to share with others for their awakening.

I help my clients to awaken and raise their frequency to a higher level or in other words – I show them direction and the steps to broaden their self-identity and become abundant on the emotional, mental and (should they wish) the superficial planes. Maybe it sounds too complicated – but in real life I have a natural talent and the skills to see the potential of others and thereby give them the answers they seek to elevate the quality of their lives.

MY CURRENCY IN LIFE IS FREEDOM – Freedom to be yourself by letting go off inner limitations. As a self-development coach and spiritual mentor, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. That’s why my mission is simple: give my clients clear guidance of their souls journey, the steps to become free and authentic and healing on a mental, emotional and physical level.

A quote you find most relevant to our human experience..

‘’What you fight, you become.’’ Everything is impermanent, there is no reason to fight (be aggressive) or lower your vibration. The only person you punish, is you! When you forgive, you set yourself free. – Aya, Arrow Sisters

How did you embark on the career path that you’re on?

The Spiritual path has been in me all my life. From today’s retrospective point of view, I was ‘’blind’’ to my true journey and direction for many years. I moved from being a CORPORATE LEADER to a SPIRITUAL MENTOR… I have chased the traditional career, academic and financial wealth in my life – successfully, worked in Latvia, Qatar, UAE for fifteen years in international Real Estate and FMCG companies in Human Resources and Compliance management positions.

I was successful, I was demanded as a professional, I was making good money – but it never felt like – YES, I am in the right place! and then COVID came, with all its economic recession consequences and it propelled me to seize the moment; to turn my passion and talent into an experiment. The question was -could I make a living out of it?

Here I am – two and half years later. I have never been as wholly successful as I am right now, and it is possible for everyone, as I have aligned my goals with my soul purpose.

When you tap into what you’re supposed to do as a soul in this human experience, everything happens by itself. The right path, opportunities, ideas come to you much easier, and what is most important is that it is not your WORK, it is your PASSION!

In your own words tell us what Tarot is and how it can positively impact our lives?

I compare Tarot to a Universal Google – Tarot has the answers to everything. Tarot is a tool of self-discovery which can show you which direction is going to benefit you the most. Imagine, if you could know the result of every decision, action, relationship, and opportunity?

The mastery to use Tarot cards starts when a tarot reader can help you to change the result of your actions, as we all make mistakes and as I often say ‘’ I am the last hope for my clients’’ – ’a professional problem solver’’(laughs). Tarot cards combined with numerology helps to guide others.

In some circles there is a negative connotation associated with Tarot readings why is this and is it grounded in any truth?

There are several contradictory opinions about Tarot cards, based on cultural, traditional and religious principles. At the same time however, every person has free will and a choice, to follow the path they choose, and I respect and honour their right to choose.

By nature, I am an eternal student, who likes to learn, investigate, research and test different ideologies and approaches. What I have found out for myself is that every culture, religion and spiritual belief speaks of the same thing – but practical aspects often differ. If we dive in into the original sense of any religious or spiritual scripture, it often relays the same principles which is trusting the higher powers and how we’re much more than the 3D lives we lead.

But how you access this information, read it and use it in your favour – that it is up to you. I believe any and all types of praying is essentially mediation – in that is allows access to higher forces / frequencies / energies, etc. So, what Tarot does is essentially the same.

Walk us through a typical reading with The Arrow Sisters. How does it work?

A session with me is typically 60-90 minutes long. I use tarot cards and numerology to guide the clients towards the topics, answers and direction they are seeking.

I am able to tap into the information about conscious mind choices, as well as those of the subconscious mind which comes together to paint a full picture of WHAT, HOW, WHEN things will happen. During the session I enable my clients to uncover all the answers, scenarios and options that are available to them– after which they can make the choice they need. I am only a conductor of the energy – the decision maker is always the client; and my role is to give them all the information and tools to make the right decisions for their highest benefit.

During a session time flies as I love to deep dive into the details! And details are so important to the decision-making process.

How does one decide if Tarot reading is for them?

Like I said before, I am usually their last hope… I see that humanity is going through a massive energetic change and people are starting to ask deeper questions and challenge the enforced dogmas. They come to spirituality to get a different perspective.

Tarot is one of many tools, to have a different perspective… Tarot reading cannot be forced, you have to feel that you are ready to ask these deeper questions.

Everyone has a timing when they feel ready for it.

Karmic Knots is an interesting term that we came across on your website. Can you tell us more about it?

I see our human existence as a journey. A journey that the consciousness or soul is choosing to have in this 3D world. The human body expires (dies) but the soul is reincarnating countless times, taking with it ‘’energetic baggage’’ or karma.

Karmic knots are causes of many (but not all) karmic issues. Our karmic knots are seeds of lessons we inherit from previous lives.

You are the master of your future, nobody else. Every reincarnation is an opportunity to release your karmic knots and raise your vibration to experience a higher vibrational state in the existing life as well as future ones. Everyone has their own karmic knots which can be discovered through karmic reading.

What is a sign that a person may be experiencing Karmic Knots? – How do we know?

In simple words it is a dormant emotional state that is influencing you on subconscious level. At first you might feel clueless, where the hell it is coming from?! But it is very deep inside of you.

For example, the person may have dormant aggression towards humanity – for no reason, they just feel an anger and need to fight or destroy or they adapt a victim behavior; having feelings of stepping back, suffering and being victimized.

Every person has something unique about them, there is no one recipe that applies to everyone. And karmic knots are just as unique and complex i.e life-time karmic knots, specific duration, ancestral, relationship, etc.

If one does acknowledge that they are indeed experiencing Karmic Knots, how do you resolve it?

Let’s just say there is no ‘’magic pill’’ – as soul evolution or spiritual awakening is the task of this human experience. And part of that is to heal or solve your karmic knots to awaken to the next level of consciousness.

I go to Vipassana* – which is the fast track to heal and awaken. For others, I offer a mentorship program where I help to heal and awaken the senses through different techniques. I have met people in my life, who have healed tremendously and as a result – they are super successful in this 3D World as they have succeeded in passing their ‘’soul exam’’.

Every good student, gets good marks. Similarly, every soul who does what it is supposed to do reaps tremendous rewards.

*Vipassana is a Buddhist term that is often translated as “insight’. It is an ancient mindfulness meditation technique involving observing thoughts and emotions as they are without dwelling on them. You can practice Vipassana at the Vipassana Meditation Center in Dubai.

If there’s one thing that you wish more people would do, in terms of hearing signs from the universe what would it be?

Every person perceives the world differently, this article or my recommendations are based on their energetic frequency level. Which means – I cannot give a singular recommendation to suit all.

What I know and I practice is Vipassana & a 10-day silent mediation. If every person would go to Vipassana at least once, this planet and society would be in a much better place than it is today. Vipassana dissolves ego and liberates the soul. This I know 100%.

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To : Ms.Aya

You are professional, wise, intelligent and great person. I had the best readings with you previously and looking forward resuming the future with your light and supervision. Best,

Khalid K

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