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10-day silent meditation - Vipassana 🧘🏼‍♀️

It has been my 3rd time sitting in the last 2 years. From Jan 2021 - I am in Hermits Journey of slow, deep inner transformation. Rethinking the past and looking for bigger life purpose. Looking for the answers inside and Vipassana is great tool for that.

I feel I am good for some time. And my transformation period is close to an end in Dec 2022… right now I still feel confused “who I am” or “what’s going to happen” - I still feel spaced out 🤯🤪

But there is interesting realization which came to me during this retreat and let me share it with you.. it is nothing new - but it came so clear on personal experience level - giving AHA moment 🕊🦋

“We are originally energy - free flow of energy which can take any form and structure based on its frequency which we choose to take.

When we are born - our energy / soul - takes structure (or program that I explain with Numerology) and has its karmic baggage which gives another level of structure. Growing up - we take in more energetic blocks which creates another level of structure - where our free flow of energy is “stuck” - like a box. And these boxes into boxes determine who we are in this present moment.

When we work on our selves through reprogramming, meditation, spiritual and energetic practices, etc. - we release our structures (boxes) “who we think we are or others tell us who we supposed to be” and as a result we become more free to become who we want to be. As originally we are free flow of energy which can take any form.

We are ENERGY beings who take any form of frequency - and thoughts and emotions are frequency. If we have too many “structures / boxes” around our energy field - we can’t get out of it / can’t change / can’t manifest a better life. It is hard work. We can move towards the goal but it is hard and long process.

In VIPASSANA (it is one way) we release those blocks or structures and become more fluid or less limited AND that’s when “miracles” happen - as we can adjust easy to our thoughts and our thoughts become more open minded. 💯Thoughts are frequency that change our energy 🌟

Sooo… who is ready to be transformed!?


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