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Claim back your energy from your Mother

At birth, every person is given 100% of the energy they need to fulfill their life's tasks. The amount of energy depends on the mission and the tasks done in life. The little baby needs to be cared for, so 90% of his energy is given to the child's mother for a certain time. 10% is kept to myself for growth and development.

The energy of this child gives the mother the strength to stay awake at night and take care of her child. As the child grows, the energy percentage increases and when he/she reaches the age of 8, the child is ready to take responsibility for his/her life.

From the age of 8-14, a child is trained for the functions of this life. Boys are taught the art of war or to defend themselves and others, to do male domestic duties, repairing or building something. Girls are trained to do housework by being clean and tidy.

Usually, at the age of 13-14 a child is mature enough to take responsibility of his/her life. At the age of 14, the child has grown up and can set on the path of his/her life's calling. This age is called the difficult period, because the child wants to get back the amount of energy they have temporarily given to their mother. If it is not received then the conflict begins. The child insists that they want to make decisions about their own life, but the mother does not allow it because she believes that the child is still too young with no life experience. Of course the mother is stronger and therefore the child will suffer a defeat. If the mother has not given responsibility to the child in time, she continues to live the child's life. There are adult children who do not live their lives because they have given their energy to relatives and others around them.

Have you noticed that some young people are successful in their careers while others are unlucky or growth comes with enormous challenges?

A happy and nourished life depends on the feedback we form from the environment and your interaction with it. If a person is unsuccessful, but has a desire to make a radical change in their life, then they must receive a blessing from their mother, and only then can something change for them. Mother returns the energy once received in her blessing, which can now be used to create a happy and successful life. The blessing essentially forms a special energy field that protects against failure, misfortunes and directs the child's path to the desired bearing. The energy given is not just an opportunity to make money, it is happiness and sustenance in the blessed areas of life.

A mother's blessing is the strongest protection, a man blessed by a mother is believed to be invincible.

There may be various reasons why mothers do not give this blessing. Many mothers don't know anything about this, but the main thing is that many mothers don't want to let go of their children, and many children don't wanna take permanent responsibility.

Knowing this now, you can change your life by creating it in happiness and prosperity.

The rest of the information is available in person.

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