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✨ Impatience may cost you victory - Tarot Reading September ✨

✨ Energy Tarot Reading September for Collective Consciousness ✨

✨ Interestingly that September brings forward same Recovery energy as August. The challenging emotions that you’ve been dealing with will fade away. Although it may be difficult to see now, there is a joyful future awaiting you. But for now, take all the time you need to regain your strength. In next few months, what you are asking about will occur.

✨ It will be time of hard work, dedication and focus towards routine tasks and chores. Spending money towards your home, family needs, preparing for further educational pathway. Don’t loose the focus but allow yourself to rest in order maintain well-being and physical / mental health.

✨ You may feel the need of further training, education or professional development in order to proceed with your career goals. At the same time work-stress and being overloaded will leave you exhausted! You may have bitten off way too much than you can chew - new projects, plans, goals, clients. Either you start delegating or upgrade your skills to become more efficient.

✨ As the result you may feel yourself to give up and not protecting what you have achieved or worked for. Because of being too busy to notice that somebody else is taking your fruits of labour. Lack of stamina will leave you vulnerable in the front of continuous competition. You may lack confidence or feeling powerless or going against your moral code in order to gain others favor.

Your frustration will be related to some news that you expects - something important that you are waiting to come. IT WILL ARRIVE - BUT WITH DELAY!

So don’t exhaust yourself by fighting with windmill!!

✨ You will be hearing bad news from other people related to earthy matters, procrastination and lack of effort, laziness. Others may let you down because there will be unforeseen challenges. In order to achieve Your goals in September - you will need to make an extra effort for yourself and others.

✨ Many couples will face some level of unfaithfulness in the relationship. Lack of maturity and moodiness, boredom will be triggering relationship pattern. In love life you will get literally what you are going to put in. If you will give love and forgiveness - you will be treated with the same. It will be karmic lesson and time of having “what you deserve” based on past actions and intentions. The moment of the Truth!

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