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Dataceptor is a powerful and easy to use application used for creating and displaying web pages. It allows you to work directly with ODBC compliant databases, including Navision, Dynamics, Axapta, Sage, C5, MySql, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Access and many others. Dataceptor can be used for creating web sites with various types of menus and forms, as well as other types of lists, graphs and charts. The application allows you to provide online access to different levels of information, can be password-protected and is organized into user groups. The interface allows you to import data from external databases, such as Navision and ActiveReports. Dataceptor also allows you to import various types of data from Microsoft Excel, allowing you to create and view web pages with various types of graphical data.Dataceptor is very easy to use for creating, modifying, and viewing data on web pages. It does not require extensive programming knowledge, and the user interface is designed to be intuitive.The following screenshots show the main features of Dataceptor.Source: Dataceptor User Guide, at dataceptor.org1. Field of the InventionThis invention is directed to broad beam lithography and more specifically to tuning an exposing beam profile in a broad beam optical system.2. Description of the Related ArtA lithographic apparatus can be used, for example, in the manufacture of integrated circuits (ICs). A conventional lithographic apparatus includes a radiation source (e.g., a laser) that emits a beam of radiation (hereinafter also referred to as an “exposure beam”), a mask table for holding a mask, and a substrate table for holding a substrate. The apparatus also includes a projection system for projecting the mask's pattern onto a target portion of the substrate. In the illustrated apparatus, both the mask table and the substrate table are equipped with motor-driven precision positioning systems. More specifically, each positioning system includes a measuring unit that measures the actual position of a surface of the table to a high degree of precision. Each system also includes an encoder that signals the measured position to the apparatus's control system. In one embodiment, the position may be corrected by a feedback loop that continuously adjusts the position of the surface.The position of the substrate is controlled in 08929e5ed8

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