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March is going to be a month to break through barriers that stand between us and our future!!! This is the time to BREAK THROUGH those barriers. Ask yourself “What are you afraid of!? What are you trying to protect yourself from!?”

We have been stuck in self-centered attitude for too long. Only thinking about “ME” & “MY” without paying attention to the bigger picture and what’s outside. It’s time to stand firm about what you believe is right, no matter what others will think about it. It is time to step in for protecting the best interests for everyone involved - without aggression and hurting other people. Swallow your pride and reach out to help!

There is chaos around you - reassess where you focus your energy, how to create more order, how to use your full potential?

You are stuck and unable to move forward as you try to make that move / change from the space of struggle; try to get inspired and creative and you will see the positive change. This is the time to address your fears and leave your current comfort zone. Open your mind to receive wisdom from within, don’t be concerned what you see or hear around you - believe what you feel is the right thing to do!

You might be feeling the regress in your life, but it is not! You are asked to think what you can learn from your current situation in order to move forward again. You have missed some important lesson that you have to gain now. You are being called within yourself to a place of total self-awareness on a spiritual, mental and physical level. Explore the world around you AS IT IS YOUR OWN MIRROR!

NOBODY is going to save you now! ONLY you can save yourself - ONLY YOU! You have been seeking comfort in unhealthy ways, it is time to get out from your comfort zone.

YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO! Now is the time for action! Connect with your creativity and you will open the doors of NEW BEGINNINGS!

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