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✨ What to expect from November?! ✨

Family relationships will become more important, you will find yourself spending time together with your family more than before, focusing on family traditions and stabilizing home matters. If you experience financial difficulties - you will have family support. Meditation will bring you new perspectives on what is best decision to make related to your home and family.

You will experience abundance around you - the help of most closest ones will warm your heart and give hope for future.

Be assertive towards other people as they may let you down with their own drama and loosing their rational mind over situations. Don’t take close to your heart Air signs and too direct claims coming from people in general.

You may experience temporary loss of career / job, financial security and business opportunities. Make some savings for rainy day and remain positive as challenge is only temporary. It is the sign from the Universe that you need to change your pathway - this chapter has ended and it’s time to write a new story!

You may find it difficult to agree and negotiate with your love partner on some bigger relationship steps and principles. Be smarter and compromise to avoid unnecessary arguments.

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