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Powerful and Unique Full Moon Karma & Emotional Healing Experience

If you are only going to do one thing in this POWERFUL Transformation & Healing time - is to Empower Yourself with Master Karma and Emotional Block releasing and healing experience.

💥It is Karma time! You have been seeing how emotions are taking over and triggering you to take action. You will experience:

  • Personalized Karma Reading

  • Identify and declare intention to release and heal emotional blocks

  • Full Moon meditation

  • Most intense sound healing - releasing anger, hate, fear, anxiety, etc.

  • Healing subtle energy bath

  • Reiki & Crystal Healing

  • Individual Emotional block clearing

  • Individual guidance for further karma & block clearing home practices

We are experiencing never seen before energy to clear out Karma and Emotional blocks.

The next Full Moon will be special - JOIN US!

✨Together with Sabrina, Sound Healer we are creating one of most intense and powerful healing and block releasing experiences!

✨Sssshhh!! 🤫Limited to only 11 attendees ✨

✨Send DM to register! ✨

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