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Say YES to Financial Abundance – it is Game Changer technique that will bring you SIX-Figure results

If your mind is feeling clueless how to address your current financial struggles OR just simply willing to have more of financial success - it could be Abundance and Money energetic block. Align with money and abundance energy within you – it gives immediate results in your bank account.


  • How to unblock money energy?

  • How to attract abundance of money, prosperity, luck?

  • How to rewire your mindset for abundance?

  • How to convince an interviewer you should be hired?

  • How to create a personal elevator pitch?

  • How to create a killer 30 second elevator pitch?

It is not about the luck factor what makes you earn and be successful. It is energetic alignment between your energetic code and your target goal. What if you would only know, that SPENDING money is actually activating your Financial Abundance Program? And YOUR financial abundance is waiting in SPECIFIC industry or role?

It is complete GAME CHANGER of how to manifest financial abundance – either you are still student or already working professional who is seeking money and abundance energy alignment.

You might have tried financial abundance affirmations or financial abundance meditation – but it doesn’t work for you? The reason for that is your in-born program which requires specific ‘’KEY’’ as way of approaching your career, job role and your current financial management. We are all different – that’s why only customized approach works using money numerology reading and self-presentation pitch coaching. Every situation has solution, we will help you to see it and approach it! We are 2 coaches who have been working in career and business consulting, energetic abundance coaching already for +10 years – we have come together to create this Unique & Powerful Program to bring YOUR Abundance to the next level. It is personalised result-oriented program:

  • It will reveal your money doors

  • Uncover the financial and career blocks

  • Reveal important career direction opportunities

  • Help to create 30 second interview pitch or 30 second elevator pitch for college students

What Is An Elevator Pitch?

In a nutshell it’s just what it sounds like: a short, 30-60 second well crafted business pitch telling someone who you are and why they should want to hire you.

Elevator speeches are good for so much more than just catching someone in a small enclosed space. You never know who you might run into at a cocktail party, or the movie theatre, or grocery store…or any other number of places.

A solid elevator pitch will allow you to distil down to the most pure form exactly who you are and what you offer, and that focus can help to set you apart from all the other candidates who are vying for the same job. Do your elevator pitch in 60 seconds and nail it!

Think of it as a commercial and you’re the product. You’ve got 30 seconds to market yourself and convince whoever is listening to not only NOT change the channel, but to buy what you’re selling…you as the Perfect Candidate!!

INTERESTED to get your fully personalized program? Get in touch with us directly!

Aya – Abundance Coach: +971 56 566 3553 (WhatsApp)

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