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✨ Energy Update for August ✨

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

✨ The August will be recovery month from previously received sad or disappointing news, any kind of loss or frustration. You will start to regain strength emotionally and become more optimistic about future. You will regain clarity after period of being disillusioned. You will start to act decisively and see the correct path for you.

✨ Don’t lose your alert, not everything is clear or aligned with your goals and energy. There will be situation especially related to feminine / women which is still hidden and you are not kept in loop. There can be unexpected change of circumstances. There might be limiting circumstances that are beyond your control. But the result is based on your decisions you have made - be wise and open minded to choose the right path. The Virgin with baby in TSAR deck is still supporting us with abundance and wealth, opportunities but you will need to put extra effort to get them.

✨It is invitation to embrace feminine qualities either you are female or male. Work on your intuition and confidence. Balance your focus between material and emotional / spiritual needs.

✨You will start to plan how to release your past in order to become more independent. You may consider change place of living (city, house) or becoming emotionally and financially mature, letting go attachments and finding your own peace.

✨August is great time to set goals for your career, business and finance. Your hard work and dedication in professional life will be noticed and rewarded. If you are looking for promotion or new job - don’t jump to first option, as there can be better offers coming.

✨You will see that other people start to reach out after period of silence or ignorance. It will be relationship recovery and healing time. As well as in your love life - the resurrection of Lazarus is encouraging to be more open with your partner about your desires and emotions. Don’t use manipulation tactics to get what you want, be honest. Don’t loose faith if you try to find new love partner!

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