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💎 December Tarot Reading - Success through becoming more independent 💎

💎 Finally, Solar Eclipse has brought forward to everyone releasing the past and having the vision to move forward. It can be an indicator of growing up, becoming more mature or leaving home. It can also indicate letting go of childhood issues or childishness. IF YOU ARE TAKING more charge of your life, you will be opening abundance and stability in your career and family.

💎 You may have been working very hard or putting lots of effort into something for little pay or reward so far. You may be feeling that nothing you do pays off while others seem to get what they want easily. You will be transforming this energy with great motivation and enthusiasm to take the charge and control of your life.

💎 You will be going through emotional relationship struggle with love partner as well as friends, other people. You will feel that people around are not supporting you causing indecisiveness and stress, inability to find trust. Be ready to handle secrets and uncomfortable conversations. Don’t be afraid to speak out your truth, learn to communicate your fears and desires.

💎 Your intuition and connection to the source is strong, connect with your 3rd Eye and Crown to get clear guidance and direction!

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