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Aya's Trip Advise - 3 Of The Most Spiritual Places On Earth

Some highly regarded spiritual destinations have been constructed based on specific belief systems, and some are known as such simply based on energy and vibration.

That said, many sites are still sacred to certain communities, with thousands of years of history and significance attached to them. Yet, as with so many communities who have deeper spiritual connection do, most spiritually-significant sites welcome people of all beliefs who are respectful and committed to a deeper understanding.

These top ten spiritual destinations around the world will help you find a deeper connection to the earth, other people, and to yourself!

No. 1 - Bali

Ubud in Bali is a small town with a history dating back centuries. Its main spiritual retreats take the form of ancient Hindu temples and yoga retreats, but it also makes for a wonderful nature retreat, with the surrounding rice paddies and dense rainforest. This means Ubud doubles as one of the best spiritual travel destinations and natural retreats in Bali.

No. 2 - Mexico

Go on a spiritual journey through Mexico, immersing yourself in the mysterious history of its ancient cultures by visiting ruins, sacred sites, and participating in indigenous ceremonies. My favorite place is Tulum and of course Mayan pyramids, where the energy is so strong!

No. 3 - Iceland

Iceland is so much more than its popular iconic places such as the Blue Lagoon and the Golden Circle. During my trip to Iceland, I visited all the must-see places, but I also wanted to discover Iceland hidden gems and go off the beaten path.

Apart from geysers, volcanos, glaciers, elves, and trolls, Iceland hides other miracles: spiritual places, also known as places of power.

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