Psychic Self Defense Workshop

Psychic Self Defense Workshop

Psychic Self Defense Workshop - pre-recorded 3 day workshop! 


In colaboration with Shamala Tan - the chiropractor for the soul. She is business coach with focus into psychology and spirituality. 


Three session workshop (3 hours each) with additional free LIVE supplementary classes are available once every three months. 


This workshop is ideal for you if you are:

  • an Empath needing to learn to protect your energies (you could also be a healer)
  • a Sensitive Soul who can feel everyone's energies
  • experiencing negative energies in your life right now: some or workspace
  • struggling with creating boundaries with others
  • struggling to say No to others


What we will cover over the three sessions:

Session One

  • Energy protection tools
  • What are some food triggers
  • Foods to eat to have a stronger protective shield
  • What are the vulnerable spots in your body
  • Breathing techniques to improve on your energy protection

Session Two

  • How to identify your own emotional and mental weak spots that make it easy for others to intrude upon
  • Where are the holes in your own energy that allow others to hook in
  • Where are your energy leakages and how not to feel drained
  • Sexual cords, and what's happening there?

Session Three

  • More tools and energy clearing exercises
  • Learning to differentiate what are emotional, mental or spiritual attacks
  • What are self attacks
  • How to protect yourself from yourself
  • Spiritual practices that supports your mental wellness and spiritual growth


Energy Exchange USD 210 (EUR 180) 

For payment: