Love Partner Compatibility Reading

Love Partner Compatibility Reading

Is He / SHE the One!? 


Love Partner Compatibility Reading gives full insights about potential relationship or marriage. It includes guidelines for both partners how to make mutual relationship, marriage successful. This reading will answer such questions as: 

  • Are YOU both meant to be together? 
  • Why YOUR SOULS have met in this life-time? 
  • Is your relationship story meant for LOVE or SUFFERING? 
  • Are you both meant to be Love partners or friends only? 
  • How to change the relationship to make it work? 
  • How to overcome daily challanges in the relationship? 
  • What type of partner is the ideal for both of you? How to become ideal partners for each other? 
  • Is there love magic influence? 
  • Are you going to be happy forever? 

You can form your own questions and send them over after fulfilling the order. 


Ordering Love Partner Compatibility Reading, You will get:

  • Both partner compatibility detailed reading  – detailed written report describing every question. Report comes in 5 - 7 pages, depending on each person. Available languages – English & Russian & Latvian.
  • 1 hour Live Zoom Consultation – session with Aya who will explain the potential relatinship result between two partners, as well as answer additional questions related to the relationship with Tarot or Oracle Cards
  • Love Compatibility Reading will be sent to your email in PDF format (it takes 1 week to prepare it from the date of the payment)

How to Order Love Partner Compatibility Reading:

  • Make the purchase following the link
  • In the comment section, please write your & your partner full name and date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)