The LIFE MATRIX is the most intuitive and easy to understand mystical system which gives you KEYS to self-mastery and self-guidance. It contains a wealth of information, such as your unique spiritual powers and talents, keys to financial success, ways of attracting and maintaining harmonious relationships, karmic lessons, and so much more!  The real power of this system lies in its incredible ability to manifest changes in your reality in a relatively short period of time.


Advanced Numerological LIFE MATRIX Decoding Map provides information of the persons FULL life (from 0 - 80years) potential and purpose. It is roadmap which tells you what your main talents are, energies, karma, financial & love potential and how to use them in your favour.


You will get detailed information on:

  • Your STRENGHT & WEAKNESS, how to get yourself in the Universal stream of success
  • If you are NOW experiencing lack of direction, financial & love problems, lost the touch with your inner happiness or any other life challenges - YOU WILL GET EXACT ACTION PLAN HOW TO FIX IT
  • Recommendations for every age period - what are the priorities to focus, where to find success
  • List of Career or Business, Money earning opportunities where YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL
  • What You to DO, to OPEN DOORS for MONEY; What to AVOID in order not to lose MONEY; What is BLOCKING you?
  • Your KARMIC Tasks, as well as inherited Karma from your ancestors; Directions how to release your Karmic knots. WHO you have been in PAST LIFE?
  • How to find your Life Comfort zone - when everything around is in the flow of success and you have your inner bliss & harmony
  • Who is YOUR IDEAL LOVE PARTNER, Where to find HIM / HER, What to avoid not to LOSE your LOVE Partner; What is BLOCKING you?
  • What are your KARMIC & LIFE Tasks YOU need to fulfil until 40 years and after 40 years, in order to be successful
  • What are most important & critical years of YOUR LIFE? When YOU can get MARRIED, get a CHILD, become FAMOUS or RICH, travel the WORL, etc.
  • What are YOUR SPIRITUAL gifts and HOW TO DEVELOP them?
  • Love Partner Compatibility – guidelines for both partners how to make mutual relationship, marriage successful (additional charge applies)

The LIFE MATRIX is fully personalised and addition to above information, can answer other questions as per your request (additional charges applies based on quantity of questions). This report is valid for all YOUR LIFE – it do not change and can be referred back at any period of time to get required guidance.


Ordering LIFE MATRIX Report, You will get:

  • Life Matrix Map (Calculations)
  • Life Matrix Report – detailed written report describing every number, period, situation, or question. Report comes in 10 – 20 pages, depending on each person. Available languages – English & Russian & Latvian.
  • 1 hour Live Zoom Consultation – before sending our the Life Matrix, you will have live interactive Zoom session with Aya. She will explain your Life Matrix and give your summary of it. Answer all your questions.
  • Life Matrix Report & Map will be sent to your email in PDF format (it takes 1 week to prepare it from the date of the payment)


How to Order Your LIFE MATRIX report:

  • Make the purchase following the link
  • In the comment section, please write your full name and date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
  • If you would like to have specific questions to be answered, please request 15min COMPLIMENTARY Zoom session with Aya during which you can explain what information additionally you want to get answered