1:1 Coaching Program - Calming Down the Storm of Life

1:1 Coaching Program - Calming Down the Storm of Life

Calming Down the Storm of Life


If you’re ready to move from life of rowing against the flow - having relationship issues, losing enthusiasm and motivation, being clueless about your soul purpose, having a struggle to release past emotional traumas, having career or financial crisis, this program is for you.


I offer a 9-week program for transformational change:

  • We will dive into your love life, identifying what are the blocks holding you back to find a new love partner or improve already existing relationship. You will get detailed answers of your and your partner relationship KEYs and where to focus, what to avoid in order to develop and maintain harmonious love life.
  • You will have eye-opening experience of understanding your personality and how to unlock your full potential, what are the behavioural patterns that are holding you back, what steps to make in order to become the best version of yourself.
  • You will receive ABUNDANDACE block clearing and healing session - to release energetic blockages from your past that stand in your way of gaining unlimited financial opportunities.
  • You will experience energy healing which release emotional, energetic and physical blocks, align your chakra centres and harmonize your inner wellbeing.
  • You will gain clarity on your life and soul purpose, as well as what are the most suitable and successful career, hobby, business directions specifically for you. You will be empowered with valuable information on your current career path or business, what is standing in your way, how to overcome, are you in the right place, etc.
  • You will get clear understanding what are your financial abundance KEYs and what is blocking your financial energy flow.
  • We will discuss your Karma lessons and how to release yourself from them.


About the work: We’ll dive deep into self-discovery in the first half of our work together. You’ll understand yourself like you never have before — your strengths, your blind spots, your emotional triggers, and, especially, your dreams. We’ll work on your boundaries, goal-setting, and making sure you know how to carve time for yourself and the things that light you up. Armed with these insights, we’ll use the second half of our time together to execute on creating a life that feels authentic, vibrant, and intentional to you. We won’t get rid of your empathetic, caring nature at all — that’s a super power! — but we’ll help you understand how to protect and honour your needs and boundaries while simultaneously still tapping into that big, beautiful part of you.


Where you’ll end up: By the end of our time together, you’ll feel content. Vibrant. Focused. Soft but strong. Like you have a plan, you will have your KEYs of the success. You’ll know how to roll with the current life challenges, what decisions and direction to take. You will feel empowered and full of enthusiasm and vitality to achieve the best life you could live.


In our work together, you will get…

  • Calls every week where we dive deep into a journey of self discovery of what makes you authentically you, and your truest wants and desires
  • Email and text support within 24 hours on weekdays -- I am consistently available and in your corner to cheer you on through this work
  • Tangible tools for starting to understand yourself, your values, your motivations and your potential
  • Tactics for helping you reacquaint yourself with your inner heart and body wisdom, and all it can tell you
  • A feeling that you are grounded, steady, and safe in this world and the way you walk in it
  • Cutting-edge mindset tools combined with ancient Eastern philosophies and approaches, like energy work, to clear your system of its belief in your undeservingness
  • A renewed sense of purpose, direction, confidence and worth



My 1:1 coaching has limited availability - please contact me prior to inquire about it



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