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✨ Opening the Relationship doors - Tarot Reading October ✨

✨ You are in the process of coming together in space and time with your soul. You will meet your wholeness inside or as someone else who will share same beliefs, attitudes or feelings. New love or deeper connection with existing partner is coming forward in October. Allow your heart and Sacral Chakra to open and receive ❤️

October is the time when to identify for yourself “what is THAT you want so badly, for what you are ready to suffer?” Your bigger purpose of life is opening - its time to decide!

✨ You might feel stuck in your past - family, childhood, cultural or social believes, etc. if you thing that “good times” were in the past, you are stuck and do not allow yourself to move forward.

At the same time, you hold hard judgement towards others, others are avoiding you as they are afraid of your disapproval. Your criticism at work hurts you and others. It is time to become compassionate, forgiving and patient with your career related people.

✨ You have been struggling to find new friends, open towards others and enjoy social life. You might feel that your relationships are pointless with others. You are invited to stop living in future “I will be happy when …. “ - start enjoying present moment, here and now with people you meet, talk, get in touch - BE PRESENT!

There is childhood behavioral pattern coming up which is affecting your relationships with others and love partner. Your current moment you experience is rooting in your past - let go the pain or address your inner child healing!

✨ In October you need to nurture yourself and allow others to nurture you! Yes - ask for it! Identify what it means for you to be nurtured and focus on that - it will bring great results for your well-being, health, emotional state for the rest of the year.

You are meant to take care of yourself NOW as you will be required to help others in November / December. Your kindness will be needed!

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